What Skin Problems Can You Solve With Micro-Needling?

Do you suffer from stubborn skin problems like stretch marks, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation? If so, then know that you might have just found the solution in the form of skin needling. How is this so?

What Is skin needling?

Simply put, skin needling is an ancient practice that involves pricking the top layer of your skin without causing severe injuries or severe bleeding. It consists of hundreds of needles which are around 1 millimetre long. You can get different sized needles depending upon your skin texture or what the intent of the device is.

For instance, if you want to get rid of acne scars, then you might need a slightly longer needle, so this will permeate into the scar tissue.

What Do You Mean ‘Revitalize’.

You need to eliminate the top layer of your skin; this is called the epidermis. The top layer immediately ‘invigorates’ itself anyway approximately every one month or two.

I make sure you’ve heard the expression ‘shedding your skin’, well this is what this means. Your old, dead skin cells drop off and are changed by brand-new skin cells. However, if you have scars, wrinkles of stretch marks then this area makes it more challenging to invigorate.

The bright side is that you can assist your scarred or wrinkled skin to rejuvenate a bit much faster and more profound.

What Does Skin Needling Do?

As the name implies, skin needling does involve puncturing skin but only on a microscopic level and for a good reason. What this starts is a procedure where more collagen is produced. This happens because you have fundamentally ‘damaged’ the skin cells on your epidermis, so your collagen comes to the rescue to ‘recreate’ brand-new skin cells to change the broken ones. This explains how you can use Dermapen for wrinkles or any other skin needling product and expect good results.

So if you do this three/four times a week, which essentially indicates you are renewing your skin (to a particular area) several times a week, then your harmed skin will be replaced with a brand-new fine wrinkle, scar and stretch mark free!