How To Properly Advertise Your Car

Advertising is one of the most powerful tools for companies that are selling products and or services. It is very important because it makes it known to others about the product or service that you are selling and makes them realize that they desire it. Advertising is a strong tool because it makes people realize that they need that product or service regardless if they need it or not.   


Proper advertising is the key to some of the most successful companies because they were able to properly catch the attention of the people which probed them to buy their product. This would work the same way with selling your used car. It is important to advertise it because without advertising it no one would know that you are selling something. Here are some of the ways to properly advertise your car.   

The first thing you should do is tell your friends and family. This is one of the easiest ways to advertise because you can spread the word about the car that you are selling. Not only is it effective but it makes sure that people are aware of the fact that you are selling your car even if it is just your family or friends. The point of this is just to give out word that you are selling a car and hopefully it translates into potential buyers checking out your car. This is also the cheapest form of advertising because you are not paying with money for the advertising because talking is free.  

Another way to properly advertise your car is to post on social media. Social media is one of the most effective ways to inform potential clients because of the majority of the people on it nowadays. A lot of companies make use of social media advertising because it is advantageous.  

Almost everyone in the world uses social media which is great because you get to have a vast market for your car. The more people you tell about your car would mean more chances of someone buying it. Also, you could choose to make it free or pay a fee to boost the post both of which cost little to nothing.   

Lastly, another effective way to advertise your car is to sell it to a dealer in Buy Here Pay Here OKC. This is one of the oldest ways of advertising, but it has proven useful over the years as it is still being used until now. The statistics show that potential buyers have more chances of purchasing if they see the product in real life. 

This will surely give you some potential buyers because people look at these modes of advertising to look for something that they need. It may be the more costly option, but it is the fastest way to get some serious buyers. When you find someone that will actually buy your car, it would be likely that they are getting it from the newspaper. It is important that you are persistent during the advertising period because that grit will be able to sell your car.   


How to Start a Moving Business 

Putting up a business is challenging, no matter what kind of business it is. If you want to venture into moving business, you have to prepare yourself. Residential and commercial moving businesses will take you some time to setup before you can say it’s already legitimate. It will require you a detailed business plan obtain licenses, insurance and permits to successfully carry out the business. Follow the steps below if you want to pursue this business in the future.  

Moving Business 

Determine Your Specialization 

To set your business apart from other same business, you have to determine your specialty. The moving industry has a lot of amateur movers who will offer cheap services because they don’t have the legal requirements. You should enter the competition as a professional and offer professional services. A man and van in Gloucestershire aka movers, once started as a startup movers but then they become reputable over the years.  

How did they do it? They consider variety of services at first then chose one that they would include in their business forever. You can choose from packing or loading services, providing storage space between moves, moving in and out of state, and packing and unpacking services. You have to determine what makes you special than the rest of the companies out there.  

Attend a Moving Training 

If you have experiences with this business before; then good for you because you know how it works. But if you have none, you better attend a moving training and learn whatever you need to learn. Moving in and out of a place is not super complicated, but it should have a flow and a rhythm to make the business flow fast and easy. When moving belongings of your client, you should have the skills and knowledge about packing, loading, and even unpacking. With the proper training, you will become an efficient mover, saving time and space.  

Secure a Commercial Space 

Look for a good location which is large enough to accommodate your business, especially once it grows. As a starter, you will need one truck or van for the business but then see it as a growing business in the future; you would probably need a fleet. If one of your services includes providing storage space for the customers, you would need a larger commercial space.  

Purchase a Moving Truck 

Once you obtain a commercial space, it’s time to purchase a moving truck. By this time, you should have all your permits so you can stick your DOT sticker and logo in your truck. Purchase other equipment like gloves, dollies, boxes, pads, wrap ramps, packing supplies and others. Purchase boxes and other packing materials, you can include them on your moving kits.  

Hire Your Staff 

You cannot run the business alone, you will need at least one person to help you ran the business. Make sure you train him to ensure that you’re both on the same page regarding packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking.  


Top 5 Dirtiest Places in Your Home

Spilled food on kitchen counters, a pile of dirty laundry, and soap scum in the shower is easy to see the obvious spot that is dirty in your home. But you must be mindful that the portions of your house that do not look dirty are actually the ones that can affect the health of your family. Here are the top 5 dirtiest places in your home that you sometimes neglect. 



One of the busiest and dirtiest places in your home is the kitchen. All the things that encourage the growth of bacteria are readily available. E. Coli is also present in your kitchen if not regularly and properly cleaned adding to all of the outside elements such as unwashed fruits, raw meats, and germs from everyone’s purses and bags. 

The crucial parts of your kitchen wherein you must concentrate your concern are countertops, sinks, cabinet pulls, small appliances and kitchen tools as well as refrigerators. 


Unfortunately, after every use, some bacteria stay in the bathroom. Pay particular attention to light switches, faucet handles, and door knobs to ensure that all types of coliform bacteria are controlled. For easy daily cleaning, it is advantageous to keep some disposable disinfecting wipes handy. 

At least weekly, mats and bath towels must be washed using hot water and allowed to completely dry. Several times per week, you must change your hand towels. Using disinfecting wipes, bathroom sinks must be wiped down daily. It is also necessary that you clean your toothbrush and cups clean weekly. 

Take time to wipe down flat surfaces such as walls near toilets using disinfectant products when cleaning the obvious dirty portions of the bathtub, toilet, and shower doors. 

    Living Areas 

There is hidden bacteria and dirt whether it is the living room, game room, or media or wherever the family gathers. Using a disinfectant wipe that is safe for use on electronics, you must wipe down all those controllers and keypads.  

They should be cleaned very well after every use if someone has a cold or virus. You must also ensure that you switch off lamps, switch doorknobs and plates. Upholstery in the furniture is another breeding ground for allergens and bacteria. On these surfaces, various types of bacteria can live for several days or weeks. 

Ensure that you clean thoroughly underneath and between cushions where food and hairs of your pet can linger. You must also not forget to clean your windows; if you really want a thorough clean-up for your windows, then you can contact window cleaning services. You can then use a scented or unscented disinfecting spray to freshen up your space. 


Bacteria, fungus, and thousands of insects and mites can be present in that restful oasis that you created in your bedroom. Be linens must be changed weekly and washed properly to prevent all of this from happening.  

    Pet Toys and Feeding Bowls 

Your pet deserves to have clean food and bowls of water. To prevent a harmful growth of bacteria, you must rinse well and airs dry it. Hard toys must be cleaned using hop and soapy water while soft toys can be machine or hand washed.